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boat sales in sydney


Buying or selling a boat?

Selling your boat may not be as easy as you think but it’s OK, we are here to help.

Mike Gaffikin has been selling boats for over 50 years and has honed some skills in that time not to mention an abundance of knowledge about all the boat brands and models in all the sizes.


He’s a determined bundle of energy that just gets it done.

He’s also an incredible depth of knowledge to help you if buying a boat - he’s generous with his guidance and loves to steer folks into the right boat for them, not just a boat for a transaction.   

Check out the boats we have for sale on site by calling Mike on 0414 501322 and chat with him now!

Take a little advice from Mike about buying a boat here

To delve deeper, we invite you to explore our comprehensive blog posts on the key factors to bear in mind when purchasing or selling a boat.


Click below for the complete read.

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