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Protect Your Vessel with Our Anti-Fouling Services

Your boat is a significant investment.

To protect your investment and provide reliable leisure time aboard, servicing and maintenance is key.

Generally your boat should be lifted every year to change her anodes, and to check propeller shaft bearings, rudder bearings and skin fittings. This is the most convenient time to undertake any antifoul work required. Empire Marina Bobbin Head, Sydney has a state-of-the-art hardstand and 50 tonne travel lift, ensuring we are well-equipped to undertake all boat maintenance at your convenience, and at a price that’s right for your budget

boat antifoul sydney on lift by Empire Marina

At Empire Marina Bobbin Head, Sydney we service and antifoul hundreds of boats from Sydney, Pittwater, Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury annually - ranging from runabouts to the larger sail and motor yachts.


Our high level of repeat business from all around Sydney gives us the ideal opportunity to undertake continual evaluation of our antifoul products and boat maintenance procedures.

Our antifoul service is available to boat owners throughout Sydney.


To arrange your antifoul simply email  or call 02 9457 9011 or

fill in our online enquiry form HERE

Boat Antifoul Painting Quotes

We understand you may have a set budget to antifoul your boat - we will make every effort to accommodate you and make sure our price for your boat's antifoul painting is right for you. Our aim is to offer a fixed price for your antifoul but please bear in mind that until your boat is out of the water on our hardstand, we won’t know if additional work is needed, if any.

After our initial discussion with you regarding the antifoul paint your boat requires, we will send you our Work Request form together with our written Quotation confirming the price discussed. Under no circumstance will we proceed with any repairs or upgrades outside the original quote, no matter how necessary, without your express consent.

boat antifoul sydney by Empire Marina
boat antifouling sydney at Empire Marina

How often should you antifoul your boat

Our advice is to lift your boat annually and carry out inspections of her propeller, shaft bearings, rudder bearings and skin fittings. Apply a full coat of ablative antifoul all over, with a manufacturer specified DFT of 75 microns, and a 2nd coat around the waterline, leading edges of the keel, rudder(s) and running gear.

Year in year out, we find that this is the most cost effective antifoul painting program for boat owners. Our state-of-the-art hardstand and travel lift ensure this is a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.


Lifting your boat for an annual antifoul service is not just about re-coating the hull with depleted antifoul. It's also about checking what else is going on with the boat underwater.


Anodes are sacrificial blocks of zinc/aluminium to protect your running gear. Anytime you put two different metals in the water (eg a stainless steel shaft and a brass propeller) they act like a battery in saltwater - an amount of current flows between the two metals. This is called galvanic corrosion and the anodes are a metal that depletes so that your running gear doesn't. Leave your anodes unchecked and not replaced for too long and you could find that you have pitted and deteriorating running gear (propellers, legs, shafts) - these are far more expensive to replace than the saving you made in leaving your antifoul service longer than usual. Getting the wrong anodes fitted can be equally damaging. So it's best to leave it to the antifoul specialists at Empire Marinas.

Other tips on antifouling your boat.

One coat or two of anti-foul?

Of course we will do whatever the customer asks, however our observations are that boats which receive two coats of antifoul become just as fouled after 12 months as those which receive a single coat of antifoul (plus two coats at the waterline and along leading edges).


There are obvious price benefits to this and avoids unnecessary paint buildup on your boat and thus the need to sandblast the hull gets extented too.

Hard or ablative antifoul? 

Typically we recommend an ablative antifoul over the hard antifoul types. Both have their place and limitations, peculiar to each. Both boat painting options really only offer the same 12 month service life. It's a personal preference, and the price is pretty much the same.

Our observation at Bobbin Head is that after 12 months, boats we service that have used ablative antifoul have less slime & shell than boats that have used a hard antifoul as a boat painting solution.

What is Propspeed? 

Propspeed is a relatively new innovation specifically designed for application on propellers, rudders, shafts, skegs and trim tabs.


Propspeed works because it is slick, not because it is toxic. It will increase your boat’s performance and fuel economy, providing a full 12 months of service life.

The ideal time to apply Propspeed is when your boat has been lifted for its annual antifoul. Our price for Propspeed application is very competitive. 

The extras we offer

Typically we require your boat for about a week to take it out of the water with our 50-tonne travel lift, clean it and complete the antifoul process.

To assist customers from other locations like Sydney Harbour boaters who may not be able to deliver their boat to us in Bobbin Head for the antifoul on the day it is booked in, we offer complimentary weekend-to-weekend boat berths for Sydney boat owners who antifoul their vessels at our marina and are looking to explore our magnificent waterways.

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Don't guess, leave it to the experts at Empire Marinas.


We can also check for hull damage and on wooden boats, for worm.

In other words...leaving your antifoul for too long can be a very costly false economy.

Book your antifoul with us at Empire Marina Bobbin Head and protect your investment.

Antifoul Bookings

To arrange your antifoul simply email or call 02 9457 9011 


fill in our online enquiry form HERE

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