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Environmental Policy


Empire Marina Bobbin Head Pty Ltd seeks to ensure that it can contribute to a high quality of life by protecting and enhancing the environment and by supporting the concept of environmentally sustainable practices. Empire Marina Bobbin Head Pty Ltd through its marina at Bobbin Head provides valuable support to recreational boating by providing facilities for storing, repairing and maintaining vessels. It prides itself in fostering a positive relationship with the users of its facilities, the community and other industry providers.


Empire Marina Bobbin Head Pty Ltd will ensure that its environmental priorities are included into the decisions relevant to its services and will:


«  Seek to eliminate the unnecessary use of energy by introducing site-specific practices where possible and ensuring any current practices to reduce usage are relevant.


«  Avoid waste and encourage the conservation, reuse and appropriate recycling of resources.

«  Reduce air, land and water pollution in a process of continuous improvement. This will be achieved through containment of run-off from any work undertaken on the slipway, use of appropriate controls to reduce any emissions into the air, adherence to working hours to ensure minimisation of impact of any noise on adjoining properties.


«  Apply principles of risk management in order to pre-empt rather than respond to environmental problems and apply the “precautionary principle”. This will be achieved through the implementation of a site-specific Operational and Environmental Management Plan.


«  Promote understanding and participation in environmental issues through education, information provision and consultation with employees specifically, customers, local residents and the community generally.


«  Review all its environmental practices annually.


«  Work with industry and other stakeholders at a local level to encourage good environmental practices.

Clean Marina Level 3 accreditation for empire marina bobbin head sydney

Clean Marina – Level 3 Certification

The International Clean Marina Program is an international, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slips, boatyards and associated industry operators across Australia and overseas. It has been developed to support marine industries in their endeavours to protect their coastal and inland waterways.

The level 3 accreditation reflects the commitment of Empire Marina Bobbin Head to the highest levels of pollution prevention and environmental sensitivity in its physical infrastructure and management practices.

Empire Marina Bobbin Head is also an industry leader in energy and resource efficiency and incorporates initiatives such as a large solar power array, rainwater collection for reuse on the hardstand, LED lighting throughout the marina just to mention a few.

sydney marina with fish friendly acceditation

MIA Fish Friendly Marina Accreditation

The Fish Friendly accreditation is an accreditation system focusing on marina fish habits and is developed by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in collaboration with the Marina Industries Association (MIA) and the NSW Boating Industry Association (BIA).

The initiative is an extension to the MIA’s International Clean Marinas Program. The program recognises the importance and potential of marinas when it comes to marine habitat and biodiversity and provides guidance for marinas and boat owners on infrastructure and practices that support marine ecology.

Empire Marina Bobbin Head is proud to be certified as Clean Marinas Level 3.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Empire Marina

Sydney Marina Bobbin head

Escape the everyday in our bays, pick up a public mooring overnight or just explore for the day and return to the comfort and facilities of Empire Marina Bobbin Head, Sydney’s Boating Paradise.

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