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Saving money on your boating lifestyle - Tips on how to save money on your boat

Right now everyone is looking to save some money. Living expenses are up, mortgage interest is up and stress levels are up because of it - so the last thing you should do is sell your boat - it's the best thing you can enjoy in times of stress and all year round.

Here are our hot tips on how to make sure you keep your boating lifestyle:

🛥️ Where do you keep your boat?

Sydney Harbour for example is far more expensive than marinas elsewhere so if you live in Sydney it’s worth investigating waterways like Broken Bay (Bobbin Head) , Pittwater and Lake Macquarie. Sure it might be a longer drive to your boat but think of it as a weekender you get to keep because you've saved up to 50% a year in parking it....

🛥️ Take your hand off the throttle. Those of you with a sailing yacht won't have this issue but fuel savings can make a big difference to the cost of your boat. Enjoy the journey not just the destination.


Where is the maintenance work done on your boat - can you save money here?

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🛥️ First up we're back to the fuel...if you don't have a hardstand facility at your marina you will cost yourself fuel getting your boat to another location for your annual antifoul and service .and if you are paying a contractor to come out to the marina they will be charging you for THEIR fuel in extra time and travel expenses claimed

🛥️ Having said that - do the calc - if you still save money taking your boat to another hardstand facility than one much closer to you - it could be worth the trip.

🛥️ Make sure you are comparing quotes that are actually the same in content. Some yards will quote the basics and add a whole heap of extras on the way through, others will give you much more included from the start. Ask more questions before they start the work so that you don't have to argue about additions after.

🛥️ Are there services and a hardstand on site to get your boat maintained/fixed in other ways whilst you are having your antifoul done? Every time your boat is lifted it costs you money. So avoid multiple lifts by arranging works at the same time. Bear in mind if the work runs over the yard will charge you extra time, so get any parts you know you'll need ordered in before you get there and be very clear about scope of works.

Should I hold back on getting my antifoul done this year to save me some money?

🛥️ This is actually the last thing you should do. It is a FALSE ECONOMY.

🛥️ Antifouling your boat creates a far more efficient hull that saves money in fuel costs but that's actually one of the least costs you might save when you antifoul your boat.

🛥️ The hull area underneath your boat that lives on the water isn't seen unless the boat is lifted. Problems such as woodworm on timber boats, cracked or failing through hull fittings on fibreglass boats which could cause your boat to sink and other small problems before they come large may be spotted. This could save you thousands or even your boat.

🛥️ The gear underneath your boat that lives on the water isn't seen unless the boat is lifted. Problems such as pitting from electrolysis can be seen early if you lift your boat regularly. Boats left in the water for long periods have been known to be lifted to discover they have no propellors or legs left because of erosion due to an electrical issue. This is of course an enormously expensive fix.

🛥️ Legs on inboards (Stern drive boats) should be maintained every 6 months to keep them well. The longer these are left, the more they will cost you in the long run and it's a nasty shock when they need replacing. The more often you care for them, the longer they will last.

The yard you pick to maintain your boat can make a big difference to the level of enjoyment in your boating because they, depending on their level of experience, can give you good or BETTER advice. So in other words look at different options and what they bring to your boating lifestyle. Don’t just call them and ask for their quotes, check out their work, see what care they are taking, get a feel for how they work and the experience they have.

At Empire Marina Bobbin Head and Empire Marina Lake Macquarie we have full hardstand facilities on site because we know it saves our clients money but also time too. Did we mention we won the Best Boatyard Award in Australia under 20 boats category at Empire Marina Bobbin Head in 2023? We also have a highly experienced team that know everything there is to know about boats so if you don't - they can help, which can not only save you money, but stress too.

We hope this helps you enhance your boating lifestyle by saving some money in your hip pocket whilst keeping your boat well - for that all important stress relief. 

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